26 Dec 2015

Why I started chanting and how I met Nichiren Buddhism ? I met ND Buddhism in the summer of 1995 when I was aged twenty five. My twin brother Jason is a singer and produces his own music and was looking for another producer to collaborate with. He had…

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17 Dec 2015

“When we speak of showing actual proof, it doesn’t mean we have to try to put on a show of being in any way more knowledgeable or accomplished than we are. It is my hope that, in the manner that best suits your situation, you will prove the validity…

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06 Dec 2015

Village life

The essence of PachaMama is the space of meditation. This space is not only an individual reflection of stillness, it is also the inner shower that this energy field is taking every day so it can remain fresh. PachaMama is a platform for people to heal primal wounds, transcend…

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03 Dec 2015

Jungle life

trim.5C071EDE-F9C4-468F-8300-4720DFE52AC9   hi all , hopefully the video uploaded as Internet is not great here as you can imagine.   After leaving London Heathrow on 29th October I finally arrived in Liberia airport in Costa Rica at 1.30 pm local time .   The heat coming out of the…

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04 Nov 2015


syringes and needles for sale

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